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Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur on a Mission, You know that you have the gifts that will help to make change on the planet, right? The kind of change that’s deeply needed right now, the kind that heals hearts and frees souls? You do – that’s why you’re here. Whether your work is creative (writing, design, visual arts, etc.), physical (wellness, healing, fitness), personal (life or relationship coaching, business mindset work), or enterprising (teaching strategies and tools, producing or executing marketing), you likely have a few of things in common with others who find themselves here:

  • Your work impacts people on a deeper level, well beyond the service you provide
  • The value you deliver is more than you can see
  • You’ve got a unique perspective and insight to your work that makes you a voice for a bigger mission on the planet

Here’s the great news! You’re already RICH! Right-brained, Intuitive, Creative, and Heart-centered. And these are the skills of the future that will make you financially rich as well. Yet you might not know how to weave all of this into your work in a way that makes sense, attracts the right people, and makes you great money while leaving lots of space for the things you love.

You’re not alone. And it’s so critical that you learn to trust your SELF and AMPLIFY what works about you. Entrepreneur, it’s time to really be seen.

Owning and sharing yourself can be scary and unfamiliar in a world of pleasing, I’ve been there. It took me many years to own my gifts and offer them to the world. At the core I am a healer. My canvas happens to be business. My goal is to create unparalleled transformation, awareness, and visibility to your mission. While I’ve developed all sorts of online courses and have privately coached more than a hundred clients, my favorite format for transformation is small retreats. I know exactly how to help you build a multiple 6-figure business that honors your gifts, serves at the highest level, and is fun for you deliver exactly as Y-O-U.

So if you’ve ever found yourself… … challenged to know what to charge for your gifts – you know you’re good at what you do but then you hold back … hesitant to talk about what you really do (or want to do) with people for fear they won’t get it, or even won’t like you! … wondering if your vision might be just a little bit crazy, yet knowing deep there are people who need what you have to offer … longing to just show up and do your best work, without countless hours behind the laptop developing techie stuff that just isn’t you … knowing that you want to create from a place of a gentler, right-brained, even feminine style of leadership then getting sucked in to the masculine formulas that leave you a bit disconnected You are in the right place! Grab our free gift and hop into our community – learn a bit more ABOUT ME and my mission, and check out our OFFERINGS. Welcome, and may you find yourself at home here.

What We're Loving Now…


Have you ever dreamed…

…of leading rooms of people in breakthrough transformation experiences, sharing your knowledge, and leveraging your time in a way that makes lasting impact?

Guess what?

You are about to make your life 100 times easier! You've got every qualification you need to host a lucrative small retreat, and we'll put the pieces together at Retreat and Grow Rich Essentials, LIVE! CLICK HERE to learn more.

I feel absolutely ready to host my first retreat…

I’ve been thinking of hosting an event for some time, but didn’t know where to begin!

Since taking the Retreat and Grow Rich™ virtual course, I’ve completed my retreat layout and structure, defined what will make my offering different (my Clarity Point™), and am feeling absolutely ready to host my first retreat! Because I’m clear on the transformation I’ll create, I already have 16 people signed up on the advance notice list, and I just signed my first hotel contract. New business model…here I come!

– Lisa Braithwaite Speak to Engage www.coachlisab.com

– Martine Metaxas An Empowered Life www.martinemetaxas.com

I now have a complete game plan for my retreat…

I’m committed to hosting luxury experiential retreats on my Greek island and I wanted to learn a proven method and system without having to reinvent the wheel. With Darla’s success with retreats, my intuition told me she was the one to show me how.

After completing the Retreat and Grow Rich™ virtual course, I now have a complete game plan for the structure, logistics, and content for my retreat, not to mention a whole new range of retreat ideas that I can implement over the next year. With a little tweaking and fine-tuning, I’ll have a “rinse and repeat” business model. This alone is huge as it will free up my time to actually market the retreats on a consistent basis!

– Kelly Sheets Kelly Sheets Coaching www.KellySheets.com

The “real life” practice telling my story and

delivering laser coaching was invaluable…

I’ve considered running retreats for the past year and was unclear about the logistics of how to organize it, attract the right people and how to design the right content to deliver on my promise and create new clients for my longer-term programs.

Not only did I learn those elements, but the biggest surprise for me was how valuable it was to have “real life” practice telling my story and delivering laser coaching in a way I had not tried before. That experience helped me value my work and get way more in alignment with my story – that alone was worth the whole retreat! Since the retreat, I have completely shifted the way I talk about what I offer. Now I easily talk with women about increasing their success and giving them time to do what they want. I’ve started attracting my exact ideal clients and am having way more fun in the process. And I haven’t event held my first retreat yet!

Four month dry spell to $65,000 in just over 8 months!…

Before I found Darla, my previously successful business had slowed to almost a complete stop. I didn’t know what was causing it, but I did know I needed help to figure it out. Even though it scared me to make the investment, especially since it felt like a lot of money I didn’t have in that moment, I knew I had to invest in myself and break the pattern that was causing the stall.

With Darla’s help through Amplify, I was able to get clear on what was out of alignment within my business and turn things around again quickly. I went from having a four-month dry spell with zero income to bringing in $65,000 in just over eight months. And this year I’m on track to double my income! I chose to work with Darla because she is one of the few people in life who can actually see the REAL me. She can see through my walls and tell me what I need to hear when I need to hear it, but gently and with love.

– Kelly Robbins The Copywriting Institute www.thecopywritinginstitute.com

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