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In 6 years in business with a collective more than two million dollars in revenue and hundreds of clients served, I’ve learned a few things. Most of them about myself!

1. Your Old Formula Will Not Fulfill You

I learned a few ‘rules’ for surviving life as a kid including:

  • Keep my needs to myself + don't be a burden
  • Give others what they want + they’ll keep you
  • People won’t understand me anyway so don’t say what I think
  • Life isn’t safe, hide from it

Add on top of that, “Be smart to get love” (which I made up in response to my absent dad’s sporadic pride about how smart I was), and you have a recipe for your standard Type A, overachieving people-pleaser who knew nothing of her own heart. Introducing, me. 🙂

I carried this into adulthood, and I was good at life with this formula. I knew how to pick up on what people wanted and give it to them. I worked hard to both appear smart and do MORE than what was expected of me, so I would never disappoint.

I got promoted quickly, volunteered regularly, and was sure to say yes to just about everything. I was burdened by life and who I thought I needed to be, and disconnected from my SELF, but I always had a smile on my face. Then a series of events began to ‘crack me open.'

  • Shortly after my promotion I went to set my next goal, and I realized I didn’t want my boss’s job, or any job I saw at P&G, and I lost my sense of purpose.
  • My management chose to outsource a really fun, high-stakes project I would have been leading to a consultant… I wondered how I could get the consultant’s job!
  • I was trained as a coach within my company and the coaching approach resonated deep within. In training to become a coach, for the first time I began to notice all the rules for surviving life that had been running the show for me.

Later that year I boldly left my cushy job to teach high school math. The strangest thing happened. I completely changed fields, and I started to have the same complaints I’d had in my old job! That’s when I realized that perhaps my frustration had something to do with me. I came face to face with the saying “wherever you go, there you are.” That’s when I really went to work on myself, with commitment. I read, took classes, and let my guard down. My life changed one vulnerable and empowering weekend retreat at a time. I let go of needing to be all of the things I thought I had to be to survive life, and I gave myself the experience of just being me… or at least figuring out who that is and finding the courage to be more of that, and letting people see it, every day. Have you ever had an ah-ha so profound that you wanted to spend the rest of your life sharing it? Yeah, it was like that. I learned that we will NEVER find fulfillment when we’re following our old formula. We can only hide and survive, and work harder than we need to. We can look successful, but we won’t FEEL successful. We must follow our personal Truth and grant ourselves the freedom to BE in alignment with our heart to find the freedom and fulfillment we seek. That’s why at Aligned Entrepreneurs the focus is on transforming the old formula you had for life, and knowing exactly what it looks like to step into BEING THE REAL YOU. Without this, entrepreneurs will simply recreate a really stressful job.

2. You CAN Make Money and Be Happy

Death and Divorce in the same summer sparked me to go out on my own after daydreaming about starting a business for nearly a decade. I was back in corporate, this time in Marketing, and I lost my stepdad to cancer very quickly. He passed while I was sitting in a corporate cubical pretending to work because I’d run out of vacation days visiting him. That day everything changed. I added “work when I want from wherever I want” to my list of motivations for starting a business. And for the first time ever, I was more committed to finding out if I could create a business than I was afraid of failing. And I began to grow my business. I was committed to growing my business as an expression of me, rather than following my old rules. I poured all of my heart into my business. I LOVED it.

I hired a second coach who was masterful at making money and was very strategic in marketing. I set up my marketing systems and followed the model she shared. I learned every type of marketing my industry uses, from teleclasses to webinars to summits to JV launches to livestreams, live events, tour stops, speak-to-sell, you name it… I learned it. And implemented it. And I reported back to get my gold star. Business was growing and while I loved the work, if I would pause long enough to take a step back and LOOK at my life, it was totally out of whack. I was single, living alone, making money in my bunny slippers. I was living the dream I’d set out to live, but if I was honest with myself, I wasn’t deeply happy. And neither were most of the people I saw around me. We were making more and more money, and spending just as much of it to keep up with the entrepreneurial Joneses who were hosting big events with high-tech livestreams, etc. I personally had no relationship, but I saw other people’s relationships suffer, not to mention their health. I had gone into business to create freedom and fulfillment. And here I was giving myself over to what other people were doing so I could look successful. People who, quite frankly, weren’t happy. Not only did I want happiness, but I also knew that my clients wanted happiness in their lives and I was out of integrity to coach them if I didn’t have it for myself. At this time I was attending a business mindset retreat, something I did regularly at this point, with the intention of getting to the bottom of what was keeping me from creating a LIFE. I did, and before long I met the love of my life and as I write this I’m planning our wedding. I began to make room for my life, yet I was still doing everything I was ‘supposed to’ do in my business. I just got up earlier to get it done. I started to get resentful. At this time, I marketed and hosted an event from which I booked $264,000 in business, and I felt very cool to celebrate those results. But that event changed my life. It cost me $90,000 to host, $50,000 to fulfill, and 50% of the clients I got likely had no business coaching with me in the first place, and many stopped paying me. It was the hardest year of my business life. And it woke me up. This time the Universe guided me to a retreat (on Maui) focused on me and my heart. Not only did I reconnect to why I went into business in the first place (supporting you in being the REAL YOU in business) but I saw a new level of insight on HOW to bring out the real you, and create a deeply fulfilling life. And I committed to the business I love AND the happiness I desire.

3. Small Retreats Can Change The World

What we crave most as humans is this: connection and intimacy. What we RESIST most as humans is this: connection and intimacy. What an aligned business that lets you be fully you without jumping through hoops is built on is this: connection and intimacy. That’s the insight I got on Maui. Intimacy = In To Me See In the type of business we want to create, and the type of service people are dying to invest in, there is a healthy intimacy. One in which both business owner and client are willing to be truly seen. It’s not codependent, there’s no judging or fixing involved, but a sense of connection and intimacy that allows both people space to co-create to change in the world.

My business was built on small retreats. While I was also doing all of the other strategies everyone else was doing with the goal of getting to the big event, I was quietly and meticulously doing something else – hosting small, life-changing retreats, and filling my coaching programs. When I did my first retreat back in 2011, my coach at the time seemed to think I was crazy but I did it anyway. I made $36,000. At that time my goal had been to make that much in a YEAR, not a weekend. And it changed everything. I suddenly had recurring revenue on the books and a group of committed clients. Life was good. I continued to host retreats (I’ve hosted more than 30 now), I refined my approach, and increased my revenue. I know predictably how to have a 6-figure payday time and again through the small retreat model, and leading retreats is my favorite thing to do. In fact hosting a retreat NEVER feels like work. And I got the lightbulb moment. “Why don't I teach people how to host and build a business around profitable small retreats?” Retreat and Grow Rich™ was born. I began teaching my model, and every client who has followed it has generated a big payday. And it’s just the beginning. How do I know it’s the beginning? Because HEALTHY connection and intimacy is the next frontier of human evolution. If you are someone who knows how to generate that in a small room of committed clients, you are on the forefront of your industry. Because, think about it, the world does not need more INFORMATION. I had all the information I needed to grow a business like everybody else. We need TRANSFORMATION. At each step it’s been a transformational live experience that made all the difference. Today I’m committed to providing, and showing others how to create transformational experiences that bring you back to Truth. And make a lot of money, with a very simple business model, and lots of personal freedom, just by being you.

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About Aligned Entrepreneurs

Aligned Entrepreneurs is a mission-driven coaching and mentorship company. We support service-based business owners in letting go of that which is not in alignment with their personal Truth so they can step into the high-service, high-impact business that lets them be deeply connected and fully alive! And make lots of money. Just by being themselves. We believe:

  • That Truth is where it’s at, and the more of your own personal Truth you can accept, the more your business will grow.
  • That you cannot see the full picture of your Truth at once, you must take action in faith, and the next step will be revealed. The joy is not at the end of the game but in the adventure of playing, and you will never know how right you are until you’ll let yourself be wrong.
  • That where the desire is present the way to fulfill it is also present. You would not be called to share a particular message, or to make a certain amount of money, if the means to fulfill it were not here now. (You wouldn’t be on this website if our working together were not possible now!)
  • In believing yourself above all else, because this joy is greater than getting it ‘right,’ and that believing yourself is actually the key to having others believe you.
  • In amplifying what works about you. It doesn’t take much intellect or courage to tell someone what they are doing wrong… in fact there is an abundance of this energy in this world. But to own and expand what you do RIGHT takes courage and discipline, and that makes all the difference.
  • Who you are BEING is more important than what you are DOING. It’s not the action you take that makes a difference, it’s the energy behind the action. When your being is in alignment with truth, your actions are efficient and you can work less and make more.
  • When you are fully expressed as you, the right clients will see you, resonate with you, and value you at any price point. Your become what Joe Calloway calls “a category of one” and you can charge what your clients are worth.
  • That we are all energetically connected, and we bring in exactly what we need when we need it. Our power to move the world is greater than we can even imagine.
  • That we have the power to have everything we’ve ever dreamed of right now. The only thing keeping us from having it is our own willingness to receive it… we wouldn’t know what to do if it all came at once!
  • In giving your substance where it can do most good. Not everyone is ready for your goods and that's OK!
  • That sales is nothing more than uncovering the natural alignment that already exists between what you offer and what your prospect needs. The mastery of sales is a necessary pre-requisite to being a brilliant marketer for your right clients.
  • That small retreats are often the best way for a heart-centered entrepreneur to make an impact while simplifying their business model and making great money. Hosting profitable small retreats requires both a skillset and mindset that must be developed, even for a natural facilitator and teacher.
We Value:

  • Truth and transparency
  • Intentionality
  • Ownership
  • Ease and simplicity
  • Joy
  • Growth
  • Experience

Welcome to Aligned Entrepreneurs! We invite you to join our community and stay around for a while. You are seen here.

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