If My Clients Ruled the World…


If my clients ruled the world… there would be peace.

Peace deep within that emanates throughout the ether, fundamentally shifting the vibration on the planet.

Women would love themselves fully, deeply, with reckless abandon, knowing they have nothing to lose and nothing to fear.

Men could be men, without judgment, and we’d carry unconditional acceptance for our masculine and feminine traits and desires, allowing them to serve us and be used by us at will.


Money would flow easily and harmoniously to those who need it most right when they need it, and just as easily to those who simply want it, to honor desires that may have previously seemed frivolous, because they are also from spirit and equally important.

Individual self-expression would be honored as a sacred creation, with an understanding that while one person may not value a specific gift, there is another person for whom it will be exactly what is needed. No one’s creativity would be judged.

We would work hard at what we love while making it look supremely easy, because what we love is as natural as breathing. We will tell our children about a time when humans used to feel guilty for relaxing or taking time for themselves, when massages were a luxury, and travel had to be justified.

We would spend time in nature regularly and allow it feed our soul. This would not be a rare indulgence, but rather a part of life, like showering, and sex. We’d eat real food, and our kids would know where it came from.


We’d ride bicycles, and walk dogs, and connect with people who feed our soul over indulgent meals that feed our bodies. And we’d understand that each of those joyful experiences are an integral part of our work here in this world… not just the time that’s spent behind a laptop.

We’d do Yoga and Qi Gong. We’d breathe. We’d connect with our intuitive mind, the one that Einstein knew was our sacred gift, and we’d let IT run the show the bulk of the time. We’d understand how to make decisions that are best for us, and therefore best for those around us.

We’d leave concepts like shame and guilt for the history books. Selfishness would be redefined as serving ourselves first, such that we can be a gift to others.


We’d heal ourselves naturally, with love, joy, faith, connection, and movement before our body started to tell us that something is out of alignment. And any illness that does show up would be looked upon as a gift, causing us to wake up, pay attention, and shift, or to graciously leave this lifetime while celebrating having done what we came here to do.

We’d value experiences more than stuff, investing in them without fear. And we’d buy stuff that we deeply love and value as a personal expression of who we are. We’d value beauty for its own sake, and function that gives more of what we want to experience. We’d leave behind buying things to impress someone else, or because we think we ‘should’ have it. In fact, ‘shoulds’ are history too.

We’d flow through life with ease, being confident in who we are, and connecting with the world around us as we see fit, free to be fully ourselves without fear. We’d play for the sake of it.

Problems would be viewed as opportunities, every outcome would be just as valuable as another because it means we took action, and we are growing. We’d celebrate failure and success. We’d give ourselves the grace of knowing that both teach us valuable lessons.

We’d support one another in finding the opportunity in our circumstance. (Oh, yeah, complaints by the water cooler? Uh-uh. Only solutions).


We’d use technology as a tool to connect us with others who care about what we care about and value our genius. We’d love it and not be ruled by it. We’d use it to share our true selves, and trust that we’ll be received in all the right places. We’d let go of trying to manage the perceptions of people who aren’t part of our tribe in this lifetime.

And we’d have lots of patience and trust for anything that is out of alignment within us along the way, knowing that it doesn’t make us bad or wrong, and that we have endless opportunity to make a new decision.

This freedom gives us space to make decisions quickly, taking action with a calm urgency, just to see what happens next. Life and business are a delightful adventure.

And perhaps most importantly, we would be real, vulnerable, intimate, and captivating, our whole selves on the wing, because we know, without a doubt that at the center of it all is love, and that nothing is not love. And in this knowing we are bravely, honestly, and generously willing to let ourselves be seen.


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