What if you could…

  • Simplify your business model
  • Become a sought-after expert
  • Create a predictable revenue stream with way less marketing than most of your colleagues
  • Make your mark on the planet

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November 7-12, 2016

Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,

I know what it’s like to have such a drive to make a difference, to grow your business, and grow yourself, that maybe you’ve forgotten that you went into business to have FREEDOM! Even though you see loads of colleagues, and maybe even friends or mentors you respect, working all the time and spending their days studying things like how many people opened each of their emails or what percentage watched the video all the way through… that doesn’t mean that has to be YOUR LIFE!

You can step out of the world of feeling mobbed by your marketing, and into the role of transforming your tribe.

That is where you belong, after all!

I’ve done the whole follow-the-crowd thing. I’ve even spent six figures out of pocket to keep up with the marketing ‘Joneses.’ In the process I sentenced myself to endless days behind the laptop writing emails, uploading videos, and finding errors in my marketing campaigns… up to my eyeballs in detailed work that that is not my genius! That was until I got brave, got focused, and embraced the business model I knew in my heart would work for me. That was before I decided to Retreat and Grow Rich™. In Truth, I’d been using retreats to grow my business since the beginning. But it just seemed TOO SIMPLE. I saw everyone else executing all of these marketing strategies, and I assumed I needed to be doing them too. Overachiever and people pleaser extraordinaire, I didn’t want to be left out from all the ‘launch’ talk and event hype. Until I realized that I actually DID. I realized that I wanted to be left out.

  • That I LOVED being in front of a small group of people who were committed to making lasting transformation in their lives, and who could recognize when it was time to get support on their journey.
  • That I found such joy, grace, and ease in the journey of guiding a group of like-minded people to the ‘promised land’ that it didn't feel like work.
  • That every moment out from behind my laptop and with people was a moment that brought me to life!

And when I did the math and discovered that I actually needed to do very little marketing to sustain my business and life and spread the love this way, I was dumbfounded. I’d known in my heart that it was possible to have a business of ease and grace… that when the DESIRE is present the WAY to fulfill that desire must also be present. I just didn’t realize how much my “I can do it” attitude was keeping me from allowing the ease and grace of my retreat-based business in my life.

What about you?

Are you constantly in the hustle of moving your business along, continually working in a pushing energy that you KNOW won’t attract the right clients? Are you an in-the-moment creator and intuitor of wisdom who loses steam and divine connection with too much laptop time? Are you a go-getter who has gotten so used to doing it all that you’ve never even asked yourself if doing less, but being more effective, would actually meet your goals?

Consider joining me in Paradise.

Because the elegant solution just might be a Signature Transformational Retreat that grows your brand image, grows you into the leader that you are, and rapidly grows your revenue. And it can happen in one committed week. See you in Tulum!

Love, Darla

About Darla

darla Darla LeDoux is the founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs and creator of Retreat and Grow Rich™. Her unique approach guides heart-centered entrepreneurs on a mission to create a sustainable multiple six-figure business that has them working day to day in a way they truly love. After years of denying her own calling to spread love, freedom, and empowerment on the planet, experiencing death and divorce helped Darla find the courage leave her parent-approved, corporate, type-A engineering gig and trust what was in her heart. She quickly learned that it was just as easy to lose herself and follow the crowd as an entrepreneur, and found herself unhappy and disconnected in new ways. On her own retreat in paradise, she tuned back in to the Truth of her mission, step-by-step simplified her life and business, and began helping other business owners just like her to do the same, through the power of small retreats. Most pain in the world is fueled by disconnection… from the people in our lives, from our communities, and mostly from our own Truth. Small retreats have the power to connect us in Truth in way that is rare and therefore highly valuable. Darla is on a mission to support courageous Truth-seeking business owners as we raise the vibration on the planet, one profitable, transformational small retreat at a time. Darla Retreat

The Experience

You are a make-it-happen type of person. When you make a decision to do something, you don’t look back.

We’ve designed Retreat and Grow Rich™ in Paradise for someone like you (and me!) who doesn’t like to mess around in making your vision happen… but might like to play around a bit in a beautiful location while doing it!

Together we will design your Signature Transformational Retreat and the accompanying marketing such that you are ready to shift your direction and simplify your work for 2017, without a hitch in your step (or doubts creeping in) along the way. Use your retreat as a springboard for a whole new level and depth of work with your clients that is quite simply a dream!

As an engineer and a professional coach, who honors energy and Spirit at the forefront, I am a huge fan of merging heart-based experiences with the practical side of business to create a result that simply doesn’t arise when one is missing. That’s exactly what we’ve done with Retreat and Grow Rich™ in Paradise.

As a result of your program (which starts when you register), you will get:


Have a clear knowing of what you will be offering in 2017 and beyond. Embody clarity as you design your retreat and your marketing because you know the results you are co-creating with your clients and it thrills you! Leave behind doubt and fear (literally, in ancient ritual in Tulum). We will tune in to the HEART of the matter so that you know where you are meant to be going with your business in the years to come (not where your ego thinks it is safe to go, but where you really want to go). You’ll OWN IT in a safe space of savvy entrepreneurs who get it. Capture your confidence on film so that you simply will not be able to forget!


Together we will create the marketing for your Signature Transformational Retreat. You’ll learn the psychology of retreats and why people register for them. You’ll learn the three different pathways a retreat attendee may take to bring them to your retreat. You’ll create compelling marketing copy and COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION PAGE with my team of designers. We’ll even take headshots if your images need a refresh. And best yet, you’ll capture your essence in a cinematic professional video! You’ll embody your message as you share direct-to-camera, and allow people to get to know you and connect with your Truth through quality lifestyle b-roll footage in our five star destination!


My favorite part of the retreat! You’ll learn the methodologies I’ve developed after leading more than forty transformational and profitable retreats. I’ll share with you my LEARN method that allows you to earn while you learn and grow your business and leaps and bounds while delivering clear results – even before you are perfect! I’m also going to give you my LIVE IT method for designing a retreat agenda that will have your participants leave in a whole new energy space – without overwhelming them with content or short-changing them with fluff. I’ll cover everything I’ve learned about the Anatomy of a Transformation and together we craft an invitation for clients to work with you further that truly aligns with your HEART.


And then, after sitting in countless conference rooms in beautiful cities that I never got to see, I have to tell you that I love to create an experience for people. From the time I invited the whole neighborhood to enjoy our swingset performance when I was five years old, to crafting a transformative experiential retreat for my high school students, I know there is nothing like a shared experience to bond a group and open up the floodgates for intuition to speak. Expect no less in Tulum! I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve where we’ll engage with the local and ancient cultures of the area, and of course eat very well!


Big Mission StudiosBig Mission Studios will be on site to support you both energetically and cinematically as you record your best video yet! Whether you are a pro on camera or brand new to marketing yourself with film, Kimmi and Alex will have you feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to shoot in no time! They’ve produced launch videos, registration videos, and inspirational shorts that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars and even better, changed the way countless entrepreneurs look at their businesses. (Kimmi, Alex and their editing team created the video you see at the top of this page).

Darla is a retreat master – not only does she lead retreats that have a lasting impact for attendees, she knows exactly how to design & deliver a retreat that attracts your ideal clients (and has them clamoring to continue working with you long-term). I’ve lead an annual live workshop for 5 years now and although it’s been good, I knew it could be better. I hired Darla to help me design a new retreat A to Z that we delivered this past June. Instead of leaving the retreat full of information and with an overwhelming list of stuff to do, our attendees left the retreat transformed and ready to BE the leader they are meant to be. Plus over half of the attendees asked to continue working with us in our higher-end programs. Tina Forsyth

Business Leverage Expert

Your Retreat and Grow Rich™ in Paradise experience will happen in three stages:

1. Before the Retreat

We will do some work together prior to the retreat to have you ready to make the most of your time with us in Paradise. There are three main steps.

Retreat Strategy Consultation with Darla. ($2,000 Value) In this 90-minute session we’ll hone in on your goals and the transformation you wish to provide in your Signature Transformational Retreat. We’ll make initial decisions about your direction so that you are clear what you’ll be developing in Tulum.

Video Prep Form and Materials Transfer with Big Mission Studios. (Value: Priceless!) You’ll receive an invitation to complete a prep form for your video crew to get to know you, your personality, and your video goals. You’ll share the types of activities you’d like to capture in your B-Roll footage on site so that we can prepare a custom agenda for your film appearances! You get your own dropbox link to upload your brand materials and any imagery or video you may wish to repurpose. We’ll be ready for you!

The RICH Retreat Registration Roadmap. ($1,000 Value) Between October 17 – 28 you will have access to our in depth training about how to have someone register for your retreat. You’ll learn the psychology of retreats and why people register for them. You’ll learn the three different pathways a retreat attendee may take to bring them to your retreat and choose the path that works for you. You’ll receive video script templates – a fill-in-the blank version and an ‘inspiration’ version. The goal is to have an understanding of the marketing of your retreat, and to submit your draft video script by November 1st for our review.

2. At the Retreat!

The retreat itself is artfully designed for you to have an outcome both energetically and practically. We’ll start with “OWNING IT” and getting you prepped to own it both on video and in the leading of your retreat.

Speaking of video, in partnership with Big Mission Studios, you will craft and develop an unparalleled video to market your retreat that will allow the real you to shin through, and instantly grab attention.

We will explore Tulum (often with film crew in tow) and you will have a one hour time slot in which to film the face to camera portion of your video. We’ll craft your registration page and send it off to the designers while relaxing poolside!

We’ll then work to develop your retreat experience, understanding the ins and outs of transformation, how to move a room by focusing on an individual. We’ll develop your own signature teaching method that can be repurposed in all of your work and marketing!

We’ll also develop your unique way of leading people before, during, and after your retreat, uncovering the valuable details of the big picture that help make one retreat profitable and another a ‘nice experience’ that leaves the host in financial lack.

All of course with loads of fun, connection, healing and growth that happens without trying in an experience like this. THIS is what you need to experience to have confidence in your own retreat!

3. After the Retreat

Action on the back end will be hugely important. While we will do everything we can to give you a clear and actionable game plan at the retreat itself, we know what can happen upon re-entry. Either something that seemed clear in the moment wasn’t as clear as you thought, OR you return to your home environment and something makes you question your leadership. Because this is to be expected, I’m including 1-on-1 coaching support with me through the end of 2016 ($8,000 Value!). You’ll have access to my client calendar as well as personal email access to me for review of your work and questions. This is absolutely priceless!

I needed to start a totally new brand. Frankly, I was horrified to go it alone. I’d co-hosted retreats before but I was afraid to facilitate my own retreat with my own ideas and my own content. I thought people wouldn’t see the value because it was my own. The truth is people were moved! I closed $23K in sales with just 4 potential buyers in the room, and in four months I have already contracted over $100K in sales without even a website. I feel lighter, more confident and my bank account shows this as well. You can’t get a different result with the same thinking that’s creating the current result. Let her in, stop resisting, go forward in Faith! Chris Kenney

Chris Kenney Coaching

The Location

Tulum, Mexico is a mecca for conscious travelers, spiritual seekers, and eco-friendly tourists. Located on the soft white sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Tulum’s ancient spiritual vibe is the perfect place for stepping out of the day to day hustle, and into an energy of clarity about your leadership.

Tulum is located about 80 miles south of Cancun. Stand on the cliff with the ancient ruin at your back gaze into the Caribbean Sea and you’ll be transported to a focus on what really matters in life, and how YOU will make an impact. Tulum is all about energy and beauty and we can’t wait to discover the beautiful message of your Signature Transformational Retreat, and learn to sell and deliver on the energy of lasting transformation!

Our boutique venue on the water was a finalist in Conde Nast’s Johansen’s Award for Luxury Hotels + Spas and holds a current Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. You’ll be delighted and pampered!

The Schedule
* As with all Aligned Entrepreneurs™ retreats, we follow the energy and what the group needs. The schedule is for reference only and is subject to change.

Day 1

Our Powerful start and Your Simplified Model. Our retreat will start at 3:00 p.m. on Day 1 with intention-setting, connecting in with your tribe for the week, overviewing your retreat-based business model and the automated retreat-filling marketing strategy we use. You'll also review your personal and group filming schedule for the week with your video team. And a celebratory welcome dinner on the beach, of course!

Day 2

Owning It! This day is dedicated to knowing what it means to own your Truth and be BEING the person who can create transformation in the room – JUST BY WHO YOU’RE BEING! You’ll receive your personal energy assessment and look at how your energy is affecting your business results now, and how you want to harness that power. We’ll end the day with a ritual that allows you to step into truly being seen.

Day 3

Showing Up and Sharing Your Truth! On day three you’ll get really comfortable with being in your full Truth in the room and on video. Half of the group will film with Big Mission on Day 3, and the other half of the group will work with Darla on your detailed marketing copy. Celebrate with a beautiful dinner together at one of Tulum’s top rated restaurants.

Day 4

Experience Your Essence! Day four we’ll explore some of the most magnificent sites of Tulum. Tune into the spiritual energy of the place, and enjoy the day in the fashion that most reflects you! We’ll end the day with an evening session to capture exactly what you’ve discovered and how it applies to creating an experience at your live retreat.

Day 5

Can I Get a Transformation? On day 5 you’ll LEARN how to create a transformation in your business and also in the room. You’ll practice the LIVE IT approach to content delivery. Move a person, move the room just might be your most impactful training yet! In the afternoon the second half of our group will film their direct to camera videos. We’ll end the evening with a traditional Mexican dining experience!

Day 6

Your Signature Teaching and Authentic Offers. Today we’ll look at the big picture of your business and how the four pillars of your container of support come together to get results for you and your clients. You'll practice delivering THE MOST IMPORTANT segment of your retreat for some of the most insightful feedback you'll experience anywhere. We'll also create your Top 3 actions that will set you on your success path for your first 2017 retreat!

Depending on the payment plan you select, for those who pay in full, your videos and registration pages will be ready for you to begin marketing by November 15th! Are you ready to join my team and I in Paradise? Submit your name and email and we'll send your application right away!

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