You CAN Retreat
and Grow Rich!

Discover how!

There are 6 Retreat Leader Archetypes

What’s Yours?

Celebrate and Normalize Transformation

You and I, we’re likely on a similar mission. Freedom. Empowerment. Joy. Love. Connection. Healing. Alignment. These words likely grace your lips and your pen often. And you know that when we transform a core belief, and step into new alignment, the breakthrough energy is palpable, instantly opening the doors to possibility and restoring us to power.

And your clients even LOOK different after working with you!

The Fastest Path to Breakthrough is an Experiential Retreat.

What we cannot see and accept keeps us trapped. You know this, that’s what brought you this far. And chances are you didn’t transform alone in the pages of a book. Because healing happens in connection. And transformation happens through experience. What if your clients could move faster, your programs more effective, by integrating powerful, profitable intimate retreats into your work?

You can Retreat and Grow RICH!

People Crave the REAL you and the work you do

If you’ve ever set aside or toned down the real you to fit in, to follow the formula, to please others, or maintain success – I get it! The draw toward hiding, or going unconscious, is subtle, but real. But aligning with your Truth – that’s where the magic is! There is nothing crazy about you and your vision. Who you are deep down, in your real thoughts, matters.

And your clients even LOOK different after working with you!

Money makes the WOO go round!

Intuitive, heart-centered, spirit-led, and creative. These are the skills you come by naturally. Yet society teaches us they aren’t as valuable as the left-brained, logical skills that have been highly valued. As a recovering engineer, I get the temptation to stay there! Yet you know that every time you allow the spirit to lead, the results are real. What if we stopped buying into the old paradigm, and let your woo-woo make you rich?

Money in the hands of the right people will change the world!

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